3 Reasons why it’s healthy to let your kids be bored.

As the 2018 school year approaches quickly, I thought now would be a perfect time to explain how letting your kids be bored is actually good for them in many ways.

In the coming weeks our social media news feeds are going to be filled with all the proud parents showing off the 20 million things their kids are doing on top of school. Basically scheduling every minute of everyday. As the saying goes…if you don’t keep them busy, they’ll be dumb. Or something to that effect. Anyway, being bored is freaking awesome!

When I first had my daughter I was making sure she did everything. I bought her all the “educational” toys because babies and toddlers have to have those or they simply won’t learn anything. *insert face palm*

Over the years I have noticed just how helpful allowing my girls to be bored is. When they don’t have something they’re supposed to be doing, they become creative, and innovative! They invent things, make things, read things, explore things, and they’re allowed to follow their own lead on their interests. Interest-led learning has been thrown out the window in most of society. Public school doesn’t allow it making parents think they shouldn’t either.

How dare they think for themselves?! (Gasp!) 

Here are 3 ways allowing your kids to be bored is beneficial, that you’ve probably never thought of! Or have, but here’s a refresher anyway.

  1. Allows their brain to work in new ways.

From the time they are born, kids are taught what to do, how to do it, and if they do it differently, that’s wrong. I know there is a small group of humans that have always raised their little humans not in the eyes of the mainstream parenting, but majority don’t. When they are bored they are allowed to think about things differently. In new ways they’ve never used to before. They can look at something and see it completely different from the way we do because they are in fact an individual human with their own thinking parts.

2. Allowing them to be creative in their own way.

Again with their own way. Doing things in their own way is basically the base line for being bored. When I do a craft with my kids, and I make them follow the instructions to the T, we end up with an exact replica of the original craft we were attempting to copy. Eh, works. But, when I allow my kids to create on their own time, with tons of supplies, using their own brains without me interfering, its crazy the stuff they come up with! Things I wouldn’t come with it. Mainly because I’m adult who didn’t get to be bored when I was a child. Allowing them to be bored will help their deep thinking and imagination thinking flourish! Don’t crush that.

3. It’s good for them. Literally.

Kids need to be bored. Having every second of their day planned out is bad for their bodies, and their brains. I came across this awesome article from Psychology Today, you can read it here. Our brains should be working, that is healthy for them, but they don’t need to do be working by what we, as parents, think is important. The brain should be working off things that the kids think themselves!

Some of my favorite things to allow my kids to tinker with, but completely on their own are…

– Legos

– Craft supplies (pipe cleaners, scissors, glue, pom poms, paper, stickers, coloring pens, ribbon, etc)

– ‘Do something’ kits. I find these on Amazon. It’s something that has a purpose, but they’re able to handle it on their own, and put their own spin on it.

– Outside. (this one is my favorite)

I’ll link some ideas down on the bottom so you can look them over! Easing into allowing your children to be bored when you’ve been accustomed to monitoring their every second can take some time. These ideas will help ease the path!

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This one we have used! I wish I had photos from when we used it, it was years ago, but my daughter had so much fun creating things with this! So many options!


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