5 Important things to do before starting your homeschool year!

The school year is approaching fast. You figured you’d be prepped and ready by now, everything organized, ready to go, and everything would go smoothly.


Does it ever work that way? 😂

I’m going to go with a confindent…nope.

When I first started homeschooling three years ago, I was so overwhelmed. I needed every curriculum, every binder, every planner, every notebook, every book, every DVD, and if I thought I had found what I wanted, something else came along, and then I felt like I was missing out. Fear of missing out is a real things, guys. Especially in the homeschooling world because there is SO MUCH information out there. It’s a bittersweet thing.

Since then I have learned that there a few things that should be done before the school year starts. They aren’t hard, they don’t cost any money, and they can easily be printed, and hung on the wall so you remember them throughout the year.

  1. Breathe.

    Mama, (or daddy) you gotta breathe. You will not mess up your kids. You are capable. You are strong. You can do this.

  2. Relax.

    Relax a little. Not everything has to be perfect. What is perfect anyway? Nothing. Not one person in this world is perfect, and that’s what makes everyone amazing.


  3. Enjoy your kids.

    They are only little for so long before they’re rushing off to explore the world. Enjoy the time with them. Enjoy the extra snuggles, and that third story they asked for.


  4. Plan, but don’t over plan.

    Not every minute of the day needs to be planned. And this one is big…its okay to skip a day, skip a lesson, or skip an entire chapter. Do what feels right for that day. You can always, ALWAYS come back to it.


  5. Forgive Yourself.

    We are not perfect. None of us are. You are doing your best, and that is great! You are taking care of your kids, loving your kids, and just being there for them. That is all they need.


You got this, girl. Or guy. ✌🏼

I would print this awesome list & put it on the front of my planner or hang it on the wall or fridge, maybe even fold it up to keep in my purse! These reminders are important!


Click HERE to download the FREE printable, and remember…

You Are Amazing!

| Danielle ✨ |

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I have read both of these and LOVE them. Especially A Literary Education!

I have also heard RAVE reviews on The Unhurried Homeschooler, but haven’t had a chance to read that one yet!

If you’ve read these books before, or are planning to, or have other recommendations, sound off in the comments!




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2 thoughts on “5 Important things to do before starting your homeschool year!

  1. We’re 3 years into this, too. The best advice I’ve ever gotten is that we don’t need a whole bunch of curriculum to teach our kids. This is the advice that I try to tell homeschooling moms also. Don’t go out and buy a whole bunch of curriculum because you will only…
    1. burn yourself and your kids out
    2. end up using a small portion of it
    3. waste a bunch of money on something you won’t completely use
    I get it, that shiny new curriculum looks so great and sounds like your kids will learn so much, but you can teach them just as effectively with something simple and sweet.
    We used a full boxed curriculum last year, but our kids still talk about the fun we had our 1st year of homeschool when we used Story of the World, living books, and copywork to learn.
    Lesson learned here. Simple can be better.

    1. I agree so much, Rebecca! I feel like a lot of new homeschoolers are feeling less than perfect for pulling their kids out of public school, which is considered “normal” and forcing themselves into a school-like environment to make up for taking them out, you know?! Simple is definitely better! I am so happy you have found something that works best for your family!

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