Accountability: The journey of learning from your mistakes – homeschool blogger edition.

I was recently called a hypocrite.

At first my anger took over, as anger does. Followed by the hurt, the annoyance, and finally the over thinking of the situation. I pursued a small conversation with the person that had said it, and the explanation behind it caused those same emotions again, only this time I allowed them to flow through me, and I allowed myself to feel each one as I worked through each stage, each feeling.

1. Anger. Someone called me a name. That made me angry. That was my ego feeling that one.

2. Hurt. Why on earth would someone close to me call me names?

3. Annoyance. They wasted their time calling me a hypocrite because I don’t care, and it’s just annoying.

4. Over thinking. Does this person secretly hate me? Is this going to ruin our friendship? What else is she not telling me? She hates that I homeschool.

These are all common reactions for a person with anxiety. And before I knew how to let the feelings flow through me so I could understand each one, this would’ve sparked a spiral downward, one I know too well.

After working through them I started working through “putting myself in her shoes” which led me to understand both sides of the situation, and helped me realize that I was in fact being a hypocrite. Admitting that is difficult for me, but I’m working really hard on accountability lately, and I want to be a kind, understanding, empowering person.

I have this blog because I want to spread awareness for homeschooling by sharing ideas, tips, and friendship, by building a community.

I want to show people how amazing homeschooling can be, and why I believe it’s the best. I truly do not judge people for sending their kids to public school in any form, or private school, but I wasn’t coming across to people that way. My words weren’t spreading helpful information, they were spreading mom-guilt, and mom-judgment.

Which I loathe, by the way.

This was a turning point for me. It has helped me reevaluate my future posts, my plans for products, my plans for a community, my plans for anything related to my online business. It has helped me learn that I can be passionate about what sets my soul on fire without burning others to the ground.

I hope to encourage parents who want to homeschool to do just that.

I hope to help them in the process from the beginning.

I hope to inspire them to follow their heart.

I hope to make them feel understood, and not alone.

But I also hope to make families that educate differently feel welcome.

I hope to encourage public school families to fight for what they want with their children’s education.

I hope to create a community for all families, regardless of their education choices.

I hope to support the public school endeavors of my friends & their children, and I hope to have the same support in return.

And I hope to continue to learn from my mistakes, and admit when I’m wrong.

To whoever is reading this; you are doing an amazing job, period. No strings attached. Parenting is hard, and look at you kickin’ ass. ✌🏼

So, thanks to that friend, that I still love and appreciate, for being blunt enough to say something. 👍🏼


| Danielle ✨ |


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