Best essential oils for…6 ailments & which essential oils work best! (FREE PRINTABLE)

Essential oils are my jam.

I diffuse them, use them topically, I make blends, and I am trying to replace all the toxic things in our household with either essential oil replacements or herbal replacements. I am on a mission to get back to our roots!

Nature is seriously so amazing. I am blown away each time I learn something new or remember a reason why herbs and essential oils are so incredible.

Want a free printable to hang on your fridge?! What a perfect way to keep track of the most useful diffuser blends!

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Essential oils have many, many uses. In today’s post we are going to discuss diffusing. It’s the most useful, most versatile, and best use for essential oils for the entire family.

**Side Note**

Make sure to do your own research when it comes to using essential oils. Just like anything out there, people could have reactions to certain oils. Also, when it comes to babies, use your research & your parental discretion on whether or not you think it’s okay to use. Personally, I used essential oils in a diffuser when mine were babies, but I lowered the amount of drops I added, and I did it one hour on and two hours off to help keep it spaced out.

  • Diffusing oils is better for your body. They are dispersed in the air so its easier on your body to intake the oils and do what they are supposed to. This is why diffusing the best way for a newbie essential oil user to go. Just like starting any new medication, you need to watch for reactions, and how your body responds to them. Using them topically is a great way to handle small things like cuts, scrapes, or burns, even rashes. But, for the overall effect, diffusing is best.
  • They are a safer, healthier alternative to candles & incense. The ingredients that are in candles, wax melters, room sprays, and incense are insanely unhealthy for your body since they are filled with carcinogenics. It’s a hazard to have them in your home. Also, you don’t have to be worried about burns or wax spilling. Win-Win!
  • Since essential are so good for your body, it’s a great way to kickstart your brain! When your body is healthy, your brain works much better. You feel better, you act better, you do better things. Cognitive function will greatly improve when diffusing essential oils in your home.
  • One of my favorite reasons to use essential oils is to ward off illness! They are a great immunity builder, and disinfectant even when used in a diffuser. So many people think that you have to use them to wash your surfaces, or take them internally to get the effects of the immunity building properties, and that is simply not true.
  • SLEEP! I feel like this one is huge. I know so many parents who are curious for healthy, encouraging ways to get their kids to sleep without giving them sleep aids. Essential oils to the rescue! Lavender works best for this, hands down. There are others to mix into it to help intensify the sleeping effects. But…there are no lasting effects of using essential oils for sleep. You won’t feel groggy in the morning, and neither will your kids, you won’t develop an addictive habit of having to use them because your body has become used to them, and you can make a spray for your bed, too! I’ll share a hydrosol recipe in a post soon for that!
  • Anxiety. This one we use everyday, alternating with focus blend. My oldest daughter had ADHD and our homeschool work can be a struggle for her. We use it to help ground her before her schoolwork.

One of my favorite sites to get helpful information is Lea @ Using Essential Oils Safely.

I really hope that you are super excited to get into essential oils, and use these blends to help your family remove the unhealthy ingredients in mainstream products.


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