But what about socializing the kids?! – Why public school socialization isn’t as important as you may think.

Let’s talk socialization!

As I get further into my homeschooling journey, I am realizing there are many parents out there that are curious about homeschooling but aren’t sure how to get started. They have questions – understandably.

A lot of questions I get usually consist of how to get started, why get started, and will their kids actually learn anything, but the number one question I get asked is “but what about socialization?”

A not so long time ago homeschooling wasn’t heard of much or if it was, it was the “weird” kids that no one wanted to talk to because who doesn’t go to school?! It was and still is the hardest pill to swallow for this public school obsessed society we live in.


That was a long time ago, and things really have changed drastically, especially in the world of education. Many parents are realizing that they don’t have to send their kids to school, and that they can keep them to home to educate them. It’s scary though. I agree completely when I hear the fears that mothers express to me regarding homeschooling. I hear their shaky voice because it is scary going against the norm, it is scary to do something that has been deemed “crazy” by the government and money-hungry educators.

Scary isn’t impossible, it’s just that…scary. Fear is a feisty little one and will dig her way deep into any changes we’re trying to make. Fear likes to make you think you’re being irrational and really can’t do anything, but fear is delusional. Fear doesn’t realize that deep within you, below all her nonsense, is a fiery soul just waiting to emerge and do whatever it damn well pleases. Fear is scared, too; of being pushed away.

Following your heart is the best way to get started homeschooling. If you feel it in your core that it’s what’s right for your family, do it.

Now that we’ve discussed all the fear surrounding homeschooling; let me tell you about socializing, or lack there of, and why it’s actually better for kids.

Public school has no idea what being social means. Shoving a bunch of kids into a classroom filled with other kids their own age, who also know nothing about life, and then expecting them to learn how to become a functioning part of society is the most asinine thing ever. In school kids aren’t allowed to talk to each other, they aren’t allowed to get up and do things freely, they are surrounded by an astronomical amount of rules. They tell kids they have to learn how to behave with other kids, but then they don’t even give them the opportunity to do that.

Learning to play with other kids is a good idea, I agree with that, but there is so much more to life than learning to share the tether-ball.

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is that my kids are exposed to all walks of life. Different cultures, different people, people of all ages. They play with babies, kids their own age, and older kids. They have conversations with 20 something year olds, and 60 something year olds. They learn so much from a well-rounded group of people.


When we are at the park with other homeschooling families that have older kids, its amazing to me to watch how the bigger kids interact with the younger ones. Teenagers are friendly, they help the younger kids, play with them, take care of them if they get hurt. It’s just mind-blowing because we have also been at a park with teenagers that go to public school, and they are rude, they yell at my kids, they take over the younger kids playground and refuse to share. They also destroy the park itself, breaking things, and leaving garbage behind.

I have a firm belief that homeschooling shapes the younger kids into being great teenagers and young adults because of the non-public school socialization they get. I want my kids interacting with people of all ages. I also don’t think that’s its good for kids to be stuck in a room with their same-age peers for so many hours. Do you want to be stuck in a room full of people your age for 7 hours a day, and then being forced to play with those same people for 30 minutes breaks throughout the day?No. The answer is probably a solid no. It is for me.

There are homeschool co-ops you can join so your kids get to hang out with same-age peers for shorter amounts of time, and there are homeschool groups you can become a part of that lets your kids learn beside a range of ages of children, and teenagers. But, the best part is they get a break, and aren’t there all day.

I think that public school is failing us in the ‘become a good, functioning part of society’ part of schooling. Kids aren’t learning how to get along with other kids, they aren’t learning how to cope with things don’t go their way, they aren’t learning how to calm down when anger strikes, or that some times they aren’t to win a game or get a turn with something. There is an epidemic of kids not getting their way, and feeling entitled because of that. It is known all around that public schools are usually the ones getting upset and making schools change policy or games of clubs change their policies because they want to be number one or they want to win. Kids need to be taught coping skills, how to handle anger and disappointment, and how to flow through life’s struggles. I personally believe that home education is one of the best answers for that.

There haven’t been many studies on socialization in homeschool until recently, but here is one I think is worth taking a look at.

Amazing, right? Homeschooled kids are literally happier!

As you can see, homeschooling doesn’t hinder the opportunities for your children, it increases them! It’s amazing what they can do when they aren’t chained to a desk in a public school that has a schedule planned for every second of the day.

Socialization should be the last concern on your mind when you are thinking about homeschooling your kids. There are so many ways to include kids with the society, so many things you can do, and places you can go, with all the freedom of homeschooling, the world is your oyster. 🙂

How do you do socializing in your homeschool? Sound off in the comments!

| Danielle ✨|

***Link to the information I shared from the study below***

Homeschool socializing not a problem

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