Useful Christmas gifts for kids!

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like when my kids get loaded up with plastic junk toys that will break in 5 minutes or don’t actually encourage their brain to work as gifts from other family members.

I know it’s well-meaning, and that they are doing what they think the kids will enjoy. I know my kids enjoy all the gifts that I don’t want them to have. 😂 Isn’t that how that works?

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Anyway, kids don’t know any better, and it is our job to teach them and show them how to choose their time wisely and use it spending time with things that embrace their strengths and make their brains work.

I’m not talking expensive, crazy smart gadgets for these kids here, I am just thinking that it would be best to have creative, fun, encouraging, hands on things to gift to kids!

Here are some that would make amazing gifts for that child in your life!


Legos every.single.time. Legos help kids really engage their brains AND their hand/eye coordination. Putting all those pieces together, and it’s super rewarding to them when they finish! They have this awesome masterpiece that they put together by themselves! (or mostly, depending on their age!)


Art sets are some of mine and my kids favorite gifts to receive. It can be so much fun to create new things by yourself or with siblings. My girls love sitting at the table in their free time (if they aren’t outside) making up whatever they can, and creating things to go along with it! Paper, scissors, pens or crayons, glue, glitter, and stickers. They can go on for hours!


I put these in a separate category just because they are a mix of art, brain activity, and science. Not just art. That steam lab one down there has so many ideas in it! I am 100% buying that one for my girls for their shared gift this year! And, who doesn’t love to crochet? It can be a great activity for kids that need to ground themselves, and they can make useful things!


Science. Enough said.

No, I’m joking. But seriously. Everyone loves science. Putting things together and making them do things, what fun!


Books are very important. I am a huge believer in reading. All the time. Funny books, serious books, good books, bad books, deep books, classic literature, you name it. Encourage that in the kids in your life!

Another fun idea is to give kids customized jewelry! Check out KenneBug Customized Jewelry! 

I really hope that this gave you a fantastic idea of things to buy for those little loves in your life.

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And, happy holidays.

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