Essential Oil Cream for Restless Leg Syndrome

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I have never been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, but I do know what restless legs feel like! I never even thought to do anything about it. I’ve noticed that it mostly happens when I’m stressed out or overwhelmed right before I go to bed. I finally get all snuggled in, my eyes droopy, and BAM…my legs won’t stop moving. I get all worked up about it, and it drives me crazy. I don’t end up falling asleep for hours.

It was bothering me really bad last week, and I was thinking super hard on how to help with whatever I had on hand. Then it hit me…my middle daughters growing pain cream! She has been battling growing pains for a few weeks now, she’s 6. I made her a simple cream to help with the pain. I thought “why not?”

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Well…I am happy to report it was amazing! I rubbed it all over both my legs, and within 10 minutes my whole body was calm, and I slept great!

So, I definitely need to share this with the world, and my amazing essential oil-loving followers like YOU!

Real quick here about the oils I use. Plant Therapy is my favorite. I do use other companies, but not very often. I like Plant Therapy because they are cheaper than Young Living and DoTerra, but without losing the value of the oils. They are good oils. You do not have to join a MLM company to use them or to recommend them. They have accessories, equipment, oils, blends, rollers, kits, you name it! They don’t spread unhealthy or unsafe information either. That is the biggest pet peeve of mine, ever. Another post, another day.

The original formula of this recipe was for kids battling growing pains. I edited to make it work for adults. It is not meant for use on children since you will be using more oils.


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