Essential Oil Safety for Regular Families

I have always been one to research things fairly in-depth before moving forward. Call it cautious, I guess. I wasn’t always like this, it started after having kids. Something about becoming a mom that sets off an alarm inside your brain telling you that you need to double and triple check everything. 

I started using essential oils about 5 years ago very lightly. I basically used lavender oil for like an entire year then I started seeing posts on Facebook about the benefits of essential oils, some friends were using them sparingly but I had joined a facebook group that was all about natural parenting, and those people really liked essential oils and herbs! Here starts my amazing journey into the land of natural remedies. 

Research is the best safety measure. 

As with all the things in the world, you should always do some research before moving forward with something new. One thing I always like to stress is that even though essential oils and herbs are natural, and made within nature doesn’t mean they are without consequences. As with all medicine, they should be used with caution, and used properly. 

A bit of backstory.

I had picked up on some things here and there about the safety of essential oils before I had joined the MLM company, but those posts just sparked a huge interest in researching all I could about the safety of essential oils. The one I had to debunk on my own, for my own sanity, was “add a few drops of your favorite oil to your glass of water in the morning, drink it, and feel amazing!” 

Quick Science Lesson

–First of all; they don’t work like that.

–Second of all; am I the only one that remembers 6th grade science? Water & oil don’t mix, so you’re just setting yourself up for an esophageal burn. Um…OUCH.

The companies that work in a pyramid scheme aren’t looking out for safety, they’re looking out for money. Now, I do want to throw in here that not all the people who use the oils from those companies are actually spreading the terrible information out there. I know of many people who use Young Living or DoTerra but are very big on telling their customers or followers that they shouldn’t be ingesting them or using them neat. 

I personally won’t support the company that can’t take the time to spread the safety information needed because it interferes with them making more money. 

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One of my FAVORITE websites & essential oil gurus is Lea Jacobson from Using Essential Oils Safely. She has made it her mission to help encourage people to use essential oils, but in a safe manner. You can’t check her out here…

Using Essential Oils Safely

And a good book for you to pick up is going to be Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand. 

Lea from Using Essential Oils Safely also has an ebook & physical book with information for you. 

New Things Coming

I will be sharing so much information in the coming months, and opening my online store with essential oils blends I will be making myself to sell to all of you! I want all of you to know that I take essential oil safety very seriously, and everything I make to sell will be made to meet all the safety regulations I have learned. 

If you have any questions you can contact me by shooting me an email at or finding me on any of the social media outlets! I have links on my sidebar. 

Let’s build a community of hippie, homeschooling, natural remedy lovin’ moms & pops out there spreading all the knowledge we can! 

Stay tuned for my store to open! 


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