Family Tradition: Fair Entries.

Family Fair Tradition

My grandma has worked for the county fair for as long as I can remember. I can recall memories from when I was a very tiny human. And I loved every minute of being there. I got to be there before the fair started, during the fair, and after the fair. I got to be “behind the scenes” even in the departments that my grandma didn’t run because the fair is just one big family. As I grew up, I got to introduce my kids to the same thing I did, and they got to do it with my grandma!

There are two awesome parts to this family tradition; being behind the scenes, and entering our own creations!

As I a child, I entered drawings in the art department, cookies in the baking department, and mixes in a jar in the food preservation department. My grandma worked in the art department when I was younger, but switched to the agriculture department as I grew. We always kept the tradition going for the baking and food preservation department.

Each year we get together in late July, early August, and spent days in the kitchen baking cookies and making mixes! It’s been so much fun to have this with my kids!

Jars 2016

These are the jars we made for 2016. (Yes, Katelynn’s name is misspelled, not my doing, and accidents happen. Lol) We’ve always done basically the same except for this year. This year we decided to shake things up a bit and try a different version of bean soup, this one is super pretty!

As you can see on the jars above we did calico bean soup mix in 2016. This year we did vegetarian bean soup mix. You can find the recipes for these below. These are not my recipes. I found them just the same as every one else has.

Cowgirl Cookies in a jar.

5 bean vegetarian soup mix in a jar.

Calico bean soup mix in a jar.

Jars 2018

Here are the jars from this year from before the judging at the fair. The fair doesn’t start until next week. I will add an update to this post after the fair!

I love the colors in the soup mix on this one! So pretty!


We bake cookies to enter into the fair’s baking department as well. These change every year, and I can’t find pictures from past years right now! I do have the process for the first time, though! I never take pictures of the kids mixing up the dough because I’m too busy being a part of it. This year my grandma is doing most of the baking them so I decided to step back and take some photos! I love that I will have these to cherish forever, and to show them to my kids when they’re older, and my grandkids when they come around. ( A long, long, long time from now. Haha!)

Look at those happy faces! Baking is so much fun!

We did sprinkle cookies, and snickerdoodles. The sprinkle cookies turned out great, I think I would add more sprinkles next time, though!

Final Product on the cookies!

The girls had so much fun with these ones! I can’t wait to be able to do even more next year when I’ve planned ahead a little! Having a two-year old really messes with your pre-planning skills. 😂

Like I said before, I will post fair judging updates after the fair so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to see how the girls did this year!

| Danielle ✨ |

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3 thoughts on “Family Tradition: Fair Entries.

  1. Hi Danielle,

    What a fantastic family tradition. I am sure you are making memories your daughters will treasure for years to come.

    I still remember when we used to go wild blackberry picking with my Nana. Then it would be days of baking blackberry jam, blackberry tarts, blackberry pies and crumbles. I still have vivid memories of purple mouths, the smell of the kitchen and (most of all) how fun it was.

    Good luck at the fair! Those jars look amazing.


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