Favorite supplies to have on hand for a relaxed, child-led Homeschool!

Child-Led Learning Supplies

As a homeschooling family, we are constantly doing ‘out of the box’ things. We are creators, thinkers, and makers. Kids love to create new things that they have come up with in their minds, and it is so, so, SO good for their brains to think of something and make it happen. The mechanics behind all the steps they have to follow to make their thoughts a reality is the best exercise for the brain. Child-led learning is the basis of education in our home. It took us a few years to get here, but we are so happy we made it! I think it was always the vibe my husband and I were going for in terms of how we wanted to homeschool, but we were just lost in the beginning.

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We have now made it to a happy place! The best part about homeschooling is how often you can change things to match the needs of each child, and the family!

Even when we aren’t sitting around the table doing our funschooling journals, we are doing things that I consider educational. Play really is intense learning for kids!

I like to keep some stuff on hand that gives the girls the options of jumping into something that will use their hands and their brain, and encourage them to continue loving what they are learning.

First up –


Legos are such an important things for kids to play with. They can really use their imagination. Whatever they think of inside their adorable little heads can put together with legos! It really used their brain to make sure the pieces go together just right to make sure it will stand or turn where it needs to. Those little architects.

Second – 


I truly believe that the base point for all other learning should be through art. Any art. Not just coloring a page in a coloring book. Painting, drawing, using different mediums, writing is an art, clay, or pencil work. All of it teaches great discipline, and it teaches a child that the harder they work, the better they become.

There has always been that saying that practice makes perfect, I am not a fan of that saying because no one person is perfect, and it sets an impossible standard for kids to think they have to achieve perfection status in order for their parents to be proud of them. But teaching them that practice makes them better each time, and that failure is an important component to learning is the best way to set them to succeed. Art does just that. So, we always have art supplies on hand. My girls are always making silly things. Paper cookies, books that they’ve created, little toys to go with their little dolls. They even made paper houses one time for their shopping! Neat. And educational.

Third – 


Need I say more?

I will anyway. Books are so important! They can take you anywhere in the world! They can teach you so many things. You can learn how to build cars from reading a book, how to cook, how to sew, how to anything! What it’s like in other parts of the world, their cultures, their holidays. How things are made. How things are used. The history of all the things. Oh my gosh, I could go on for days about the amazingness of books! Now, we live in a 30 ft travel trailer right now so having a Beauty & the Beast library is just a dream. The cupboards above our couch is all books. We have books in a closet, on the shelf above our dining room table, and girls hide books in their bed. Books are our most important asset to being homeschoolers and they are everywhere!

Fourth – 


We bought the Magic School Bus Science Kit in the cute little bus-shaped box a few years ago. All the actual supplies are no longer, but we kept the beakers, pipettes, and other things, plus the cards. It came with 52, I think. Little cars that each have two or three experiments on them, and explain the process of why whatever is happening is happening. Those are fun. And the best part is most people have all the supplies needed for them at home already. We can quickly throw together a science experiment and have a blast with it!

Last, but certainly not least –


Hahaha! I bet you’re looking at your screen and thinking “this lady is odd.” Well, the blog is called Weird Wild Mama, just to remind you.

Dirt is amazing. But, the point of dirt is outside. You can always have outside on hand because it’s literally earth. Getting your kids outside is amazing for their health and their brains. I always recommend getting outside as often as you can, even in the rain or snow. It helps your brain really clear up and think better. It has been proven to increase your health, and boost your mental state, and immune system. So…GET OUTSIDE! Take your art supplies and create things you see in nature, using nature! Leaves, sticks, rocks. Have fun with it. And use your imagination!

What are your favorite supplies to keep on hand?!

Let me know in the comments!

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-Danielle !

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