Fun things to do this fall! With free printable!

Oh my goodness, fall is upon us! Or, almost.

How on earth is it almost fall already? I’m like 99% positive we just started summer, but apparently I am way wrong.

However, I am oober excited because I love fall! It’s my favorite season. I love the color changing of the leaves, and the crisp breeze. I get to wear all my hoodies, I have a serious problem there. 😂

I am mama of three, and I know just how much fun it is to make a list of things to do each season, or month, or whatever works for you, called a bucket list! And I don’t know about yours, but my kids love marking off each thing as we do it!

So, with fall approaching I created a super cute, super fun bucket list printable for you to print, hang on the wall, and make memories with!

How colorful and cute is that?! I will be using it myself, and as we check things off, I’ll share it to my Instagram so make sure you’re following me over there!

I want to see all of your awesome posts, too!

When fall rolls around, and you start using this chart, post with the hashtag #weirdwildmamafalllist so we can follow along with each other! How neat! I can’t wait to see all your awesome photos!

Thanks again for stopping in!


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