Goals & Intentions for 2019.

I have a lot of plans for 2019.

It is going to be a year of first.

A year of changes.

A year of bettering myself.

A year of bettering our family life.

A year of homeschool changes.

And many others.

So, normally I write about homeschooling. That’s a huge part of why I started this blog, but it is not the only reason. I’ve sort of gotten sucked into the ‘one topic vortex’ that sometimes happens with new bloggers. There is an immeasurable amount of information out there about blogging, and how to do it best. Each person shares their story that worked for them so each one is different. There are groups of bloggers that use one way and groups of bloggers that use another way because those ways worked for them. It’s hard to decipher all the information, and it certainly takes time. I will be soaking up all the information from all the amazing blogging friends I have, but I will pick and choose what feels right to me. One thing I can promise is that I will never sell out to make money.

I started out writing about homeschooling, and focusing my blog on homeschooling because that’s what I know. That’s what was newest in our lives at that time, and I wasn’t at a place where I could blog about the other things I truly wanted to write about. My state of mind wasn’t right.

Now, it is.

My blog name gives a quick example of where I’m headed with the blog, and myself as a person.

Weird & Wild.

As a homeschooler I am already weird.

As a mama on mission to live a more natural life, and to live with intention, that makes me wild.

A big part of my healing journey in 2018 has been to stay on the path that I feel resonates with me the most, and working to care less about what other people think than I have in the past. It’s been a huge struggle, but after reading some of Brené Brown’s books (I Thought It Was Just Me, Braving The Wilderness, and Gifts Of Imperfection) and learning more about shame than I ever thought possible, I have learned a lot about myself. I now feel so much more confident in my own skin than I ever did.

I will not be making New Years Resolutions. I think they are aimed at causing people to fail. I think New Years resolutions are huge goals based on what society thinks is important and doesn’t come from a place of peace and love within. I will be making goals and intentions. A plan to continue on the path in the journey of finding myself, and building my business while being the best mother, wife, and woman I can be.

This years intentions include:

  • Living minimally.
  • Read more books with the girls, and watch less television.
  • Go on more nature walks, and include more nature in our homeschooling.
  • Let things go.
  • Let toxic relationships end without conflict.
  • Spread love & kindness wherever I can.
  • Stay true to me, even in the face of losing people over changes.
  • Follow my dreams, and make them a reality.
  • Put more intentional effort into the meaningful friendships I have in my life.
  • Spend more alone time with my husband.

This years goals include:

  • Staying with a tight budget so we can meet our goal of purchasing a house.
  • Purchase a house.
  • Make $1000 from my online business.
  • Read 40 books.
  • Loose 50 pounds.
  • Pay off small debt.
  • Launch my first book.
  • Launch my first homeschooling relaxed curriculum book.
  • Travel out of the state, with the family, at least twice.
  • Cut out processed foods and limit sugar intake.
  • Learn tarot and purchase my first set of crystals.


These seem like a lot when they are listed out like this, but they really aren’t. These are things I have been thinking about for months, uncontrollably. These things are important to my soul, and that is all that matters. These things will make my family healthy, and help all of us live a better, happier, more positive life. I think it is very important to write things down.

Make a list. Put it in your planner. In your life binder. On your wall. Use sticky notes.

Whatever works best for you is what you should do, but make it known to yourself that these are the things (insert your own intentions and goals) that need to happen this year. Whatever is important to you. If you find yourself thinking about it when its quiet, or you find yourself looking for something over and over on Facebook or Amazon or just plain Google, it’s important.

A fantastic way to find out just what is important and meaningful to you is to use my 30 Day Gratitude journal. And what a great time to start it, January of a new year. Use the first 30 days of the year to figure out what is important to you, not what Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is telling you is important, but actually makes you tick, make you get butterflies, or smile from ear to ear. It’s important and worth it.

I put my list out there, now I want you to write yours down!

Share it in the comments or over on Instagram @weird.wild.mama, if you feel comfortable!

What are your goals and intentions for 2019?!


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