Ready to go, easy to use, ONLINE unit studies!

Online Unit Studies are all the new rage, guys!

Have you ever heard of these amazing things? These unit studies, ready-to-go, and online! I know a lot of people are against using too much technology in their homeschool, and I support that personal choice. However, I am techie person. I love using tech. I love my phone, my computer, writing, making graphics, and LEARNING. That’s the best thing about the abundance of information we have in our grasp; all the things you can learn!

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In the world today technology is everything. Yes, nature is everything too. I love nature, and my kids and I are always outside. We like to go on long walks, play in the rain, and create things with nature. I use natures medicine in my house with homemade remedies. (I’m learning how to use the ‘weeds’ in my backyard, too!)

But we can’t be blind to the advancements around us and all the amazing pros they have. My oldest daughter loves online anything. We’ve struggled finding an online curriculum that works for her or me so we’ve just been piecing things together for now. When I came across Techie Homeschool Moms online unit studies, I literally yelled! Ask my husband, he thinks I’m so funny when I find something new. 😂

We started out with the free sampler that she offers which is a great way to dip your feet in. I really hate purchasing something and really not liking it! What a waste of money. I loved the free ones, my daughters favorite was Steve Jobs, I told you, she’s super techie!

I genuinely recommend these to anyone who has a techie child in their homeschooling house! They are self-run for kids that know how. My daughter is still new to using a computer, but she has the tablet down like it’s nothing, and these work well on our iPad!

We just bought a new one that my girls are so excited about! This one we will be working on together so the 5-year-old can enjoy it, too!

And right now, it’s free!

Definitely check this one out when you head over to get the free ones!

I will be posting images on my Instagram when we work through this one so head over & follow me!

Have you ever used Techie Homeschool Moms online unit studies before? Or any other ones I should be aware of?! Comment below & tell me all about it! 

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