The new year is a great time to refresh your homeschool!

Happy New Year! Wow! 2019! That just blows my mind. I feel like I just had my first baby, but she will be 10 on Saturday. DOUBLE DIGITS.

It’s a New Year! What a perfect time to refresh your homeschool with goals & new ideas!

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As the new year is getting started, we have decided to refresh our homeschool a bit. I’ve been homeschooling since the biggest was in kinder 3 years ago. 3 years might not seem like a lot, but it really is. We’ve tried many different programs and styles of homeschooling as we found out footing. I think we have, but as most of you homeschoolers know that could just at any time. One of the many perks of home education!

I had dabbled in Funschooling Journals two years ago, but we weren’t in the financial boat needed to use it as a sole curriculum. We were homeschooling in the cheapest way possible. (Which is 100% possible in case you were curious. One of my favorite sites to help with that is

The biggest really enjoyed the two books I had bought for her, but we moved away from it since we couldn’t afford it. We tried many other ways of learning, and I just kept ending up looking at those Thinking Tree Books on Amazon. A few months ago, September-ish, I ordered a bunch more. One core journal for each child, a math journal, and a language arts. Just to get the basics going, and see how it would work.

We fell in love.

It really flows well with the biggest. She has ADHD and is very artistically inclined, and loves to use art in everything she does. The middle loves them, but she’s more analytical so we just add more workbooks for her. She prefers them. I do not push busy work.

We also use Adapted Mind because both girls like computer games, and I like educational things. They both learn well with technology, and I am not against technology. Adapted Mind is a good extra, fun, engaging program to have them use. And perfect for those days when mom is busy with a sick toddler or sick herself (like I am today) and needs a little extra rest!

My goal this year is to be more laid-back, less-stressed, and add in more nature, science experiments, and hands-on learning into our homeschool. More life learning and less school learning. More togetherness, and child-led. Since the oldest is 10 in just a couple of days, we will finish out the journals we have, but over the summer I will be having her make lists of the things she’s really interested in, and we will use that as her base for her schooling in September. Following her lead with a little guidance from her daddy & myself.

I want to create more with them, I want to read more with them, be with them more, and really dig into their interests and use that to build up the educational tools we will use.

Funschooling is a big help in that. It is a great laid-back, child-led, interest-led “program.” To use!

I am very excited for the goals and plans we have this year, and to see where we are come next December. This is a big year for our family in many ways (which I will document through blog & Instagram [weirdwildmama] as they happen) but changing up our homeschool as been a long time coming. We all finally feel really connected to our learning.

That is what matters. Feeling connected to the things that are important in your life.

I am so passionate about homeschooling, sharing our story, our daily routines, ideas, and changes we make with all of you. It is important to me that other parents know They can homeschool if they want to. You don’t need to be a teacher, have a degree, or any other fancy things. You know your child better than any teacher ever will.


–If you’re looking for reasons to homeschool, check out my post: 10 Reasons To Choose Homeschool!

Peace & love, guys.

| Danielle |


Fireworks & Happy New Year

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