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We’ve been homeschooling three years now, and I have tried so many different approaches to the curriculum we use. We have been on a mission to find the best approach to teaching my oldest child as she struggles with her education a little, but only in the sense that she isn’t cut out for the way the brick & mortar schools teach. I knew there had to be a way to teach her the way she learns. 

Part of getting to this point was also some change on myself. I had to learn to let go of what we have been conditioned to think about education; that all kids have to be taught in unison with textbooks and worksheets. That just simply isn’t true, and is damaging to so many students who are just not thriving in the school place. 

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I was scrolling through a homeschool facebook group one day reading all these posts on curriculum trying to come up with some ideas on ways to educate her and my other daughter (my youngest isn’t old enough for school yet). One mom had posted that she had just received her Funschooling Journals in mail, and was so excited to get started with her kids. I had never heard of them before, but I was super intrigued. 

I started searching online about these journals, and I fell in love with them. I joined the funschooling group on Facebook, which is FILLED WITH INFORMATION! I asked a bunch of questions, I got all of them answered by all the amazing parents in the group, and I went on to buy our books!

The photo above is for my youngest homeschooler, she was 5 years old when I ordered these, but just turned 6!
These are the ones we ordered for our 9 year old! 
This is the second set of journals we bought for our 6 year old. She needed some extra ones, she was working through the other math book too fast, and the Horse Dreams core journal was a little advanced for her. 
My oldest is need of grammar work so we got this awesome Endangered Animals Verbs & Adjectives book! 

This is not all the books we have. I bought a few different books that were PDF’s because they are usually cheaper, and I can print them for each child or how ever many times I need. Sometimes we re-do a book. 

The ones I have in PDF are: 

Now, the place I purchased these PDF’s isn’t a website anymore. Sadly, it closed down on December 7th 2018, but you can click any one of those, and it will take you to the books on Amazon. 

Whooo! I know, we have a few. But, this isn’t all I plan on buying either! Haha! These journals are a great base point for curriculum. They open the door to so many different ways to encourage natural, fun learning within your child. There are a lot of pages that require researching which always ends up sending the child down a different avenue because they found out something they never knew before.

My daughter is a visual learner so the pages in the core journals that are super intriguing to her are the Film Study pages. Some days she watches a new movie, other days its a documentary, sometimes its a movie that has an educational spin on it, but those usually end up with her making a list of all the other things she wants to learn next!

We aren’t using this as our only curriculum. As a relaxed homeschooling family we use many different resources for our education. I am mainly trying to avoid common core, busy work workbooks or worksheets, and speed learning. I want my kids to master everything before moving on to the next stage, no matter how long it takes. I want them to enjoy their learning, and have fun with it. And I want them to have a say in the curriculum we use, I want them to help choose so they can really feel like they have a part in their education. I think that really encourages a love for learning, and a desire to further their education. 

Most of these are library-based core journals so you head to the library and pick out a bunch of awesome reading materials and use them in their journals! We love books & stories. We use them all the time in our learning. Funschooling Journals are nothing like a regular busy work workbook, they are an amazing resource to add to your educational journey. 

There are a few steps in the Funschooling journal set up which will make sure you are getting the absolute best educational value out of them!

  1. Pick a core journal for main curriculum. 
  2. Pick a spelling or vocabulary book.
  3. Choose a theme or special interest book. There are TONS on the Funschooling website to choose from!
  4. Pick a math book. 
  5. For kids 10+ choose a creative writing journal, for kids younger than 10 choose a copy-work journal.
  6. Make a funschool basket and enjoy! 

You can read more about Sarah’s steps (she has 12) here! 

We have been enjoying our journey so far, and I can’t wait to continue ordering theses as our base. Sarah (the creator of Funschooling Journals) is constantly coming up with new, amazing ideas. I love being a part of this group of people, and using creative educational materials for my kids! 

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