The struggle of changing your family’s lifestyle.

This post comes with no judgment. I do truly believe that most parents are doing the best they can with what they have, and they knowledge they know.

I grew up eating and drinking everything that had a commercial, and everything next to it on the shelf. We ate mostly processed boxed foods, and microwaveable dinners. It is what it is, I try not to let it bother me. It didn’t give me a terrible craving for all things easy & unhealthy.

When I had my first daughter I was young. I was still following the path I only ever knew. Shortly after her birth I started doing my own research (the amazing abilities of Google) and was slowly realizing I didn’t want to eat this way, treat ailments with OTC medicine over and over, drink the nasty things.

But I did not have the strength to make the changes needed. It is now 8 years later since that time, and I have made small changes here and there, and they are mostly in the area of remedies, not vaccinating, and trying not to see the doctor unless needed. I do think that western medicine is simply amazing, but only when it is truly needed. Nature provides so much for us.

Mainstream food & drink is disgusting. However, I eat it. I feed it to my kids and my husband. Randomly I’ll go on a health kick, and then lose my momentum because I let what other people are doing get in my way. I have friends that argue with me about healthy food & how trying to eat the healthier things and make the lifestyle changes that seem so drastic is just me judging them for them not making the same changes. That has always been a struggle of mine.

I’ve worked really hard on making changes to the way I think, and the way I perceive how other people are acting, and I’ve learned that even if people don’t agree, think I’m crazy for spending the extra money on the organic or locally sourced food, or judging them, that’s on them. That’s not me.

It’s still a struggle, though. Lately, it seems like anything you do is a struggle. There is always someone out there judging you, arguing with you, causing an emotional battle with you over things that shouldn’t matter to them.

As of this writing, we are not eating super, duper healthy with locally sourced food, but I’m working on a plan. If I dive right in, and throw away all the food I don’t want in the house, and buy a bunch of stuff the kids aren’t used to…it will not go well. I’ve decided to ease into it, plan it out, discuss it with the family, but the most important part is I will follow through! And I know it’s easier said than done, but you can too!

We can do this together! We will be trying new recipes, new foods, in-season fruits & vegetables so we can buy them locally, and cutting out as much sugar as possible! But, don’t get me wrong here, food is amazing. Sugar is not all bad, and it is okay to enjoy it…the tricky part is enjoying it in moderation, and not every single day. So don’t go shunning me when I post photos of the cookies we made, or something else sweet & “not healthy.” We’re all human here, and no one is perfect. ❤️

I will share recipes with you that we loved and the ones we didn’t like!

I plan to make some more home remedies ( I love essential oils so I have bottles upon bottles, and blends I’ve made! We diffuse, too! Different post, different day!) I want to incorporate herbs into our lives with rubs, lotions, salves, cooking, tinctures, and any other things that could be useful! I can’t wait to share all this with you! I can’t wait to start on the path myself, and hold myself accountable. It will be so good for our family!

This is all wholesome food, recipes found in cookbooks & on the internet.

I hope you follow along & comment with any struggles you’re having or things you’re doing to help! Let’s encourage each other, guys!


| Danielle ✨ |

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  1. It is a lifestyle change. It is hard to do when you were raised a certain way. We have slowly started changing things, as well. It is great to have a goo support system when you do make changes! 🙂

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