What is de-schooling & why are so many homeschoolers recommending it? Plus 4 tips on doing it right!


It’s a foreign concept to most people.

But it’s becoming increasingly popular among recommendations by veteran homeschoolers. So, what is de-schooling & why are so many homeschoolers recommending it?!

De-Schooling: The time between leaving public school & officially starting homeschool. It’s a break between the two methods of education, a time for families to reconnect with their joy of learning, and lose the method of “forced information” by the public school system.


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When we pulled our daughter from public school we did it in June when school ended. We used the summer to de-school, but then decided it wasn’t long enough so we went all the way through October before starting a more formal school setting within our home.

The public school system sucks the joy of learning right out of children. The amount of information in the amount of time allowed just doesn’t work for actually learning much. And even if they do learn it, they didn’t enjoy getting there. Learning something new should be interesting & intriguing & it should make you want to learn more, and more, and more. But instead most people leave the public school system feeling drained, and angry. And not just the kids.

Here I have some great ways to help you get through the de-schooling process!

  1. Throw out all information you have ever been given regarding education.
  2. Get lots of arts & craft supplies. This can include, but isn’t limited to, crayons, paper, scissors, colored pencils, paint, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, stickers, glue, odd and ends (especially random stuff from the dollar store.) And let them create. Better yet…create WITH THEM.
  3. Read. Read to them, and for you. Read a bunch of different books about homeschooling. I’ll list some of my favorites at the bottom of this post! Read funny stories, serious stories, stories about history or the Earth. Believe me, they will learn a lot just from that.
  4. Play together. Go outside together. Don’t worry about a schedule, or formal learning. Don’t worry about them “getting behind,” they won’t during this small time.

My daughter was so drained, and absolutely hated the idea of schoolwork after we had pulled her. But when we spent months on end without a workbook in sight, and let her learn on her own terms for just a short while her love for learning returned ten fold. She is in the fourth grade, roughly, this year, and she LOVES learning. She will taking coding this year, an online movie animation class, and minecraft based math, all by her own choice. And she has this fantastic idea for building something really cool! I can’t tell anyone yet, but I will definitely be posting about it when we’re done!

I truly believe in de-schooling, and teaching our children to love learning, and that they can learn anything they set their mind to. There isn’t a need for forcing information they aren’t ready for down their throats. It just makes them despise the learning, and the actual stuff they’re supposed to understanding!

My daughter? After years of relaxed learning, some formal, mostly not, more books and movies than math facts, and more outdoor play than language arts is right on track with her grade level per the public school system. She is proof that the school system isn’t always the right way to educate children. Times are changing, let’s be part of the bettering of the school system!


This one is the one that really got to me. I decided to do a more literature-based, and relaxed education after reading this! I definitely recommend it!

Sam has some really, really good information in this book! Check it out!


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you get a lot out of this post, and these books!

Please share this with your friends so we can spread the word about de-schooling, and how it’s so important for kids and parents alike!


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