We won 15 Funschooling Journals! Let me tell you all about them!

Funschooling Journal Awesomeness! 

We have been using the Funschooling  Journals for months now. We dabbled in them a bit a few years ago, but we really dove in this year!

I am in the Facebook Group for Thinking Tree books (if you’re interested in these at all, join this group. It’s an amazingly informational place!) Sarah, the creator of Funschooling Journals runs giveaways in that group, and I entered one.

SHOCKING turn of events: I WON! That literally never happens to me. I know everyone says that, but I’ve never won any contests in my entire life! Winning one that would be helpful to my kids educational needs was even better!

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I got to create wish list for the books we wanted. A wish list of 15 Funschooling Journals! This is the best kind of giveaway because it was tailored to what we needed!

The books I chose to get were:


I am so excited to use these. I chose some that are a bit advanced so we can work towards them throughout this year, and the beginning of next year. I have an entire Funschooling Curriculum now!

Funschooling is a very different type of curriculum, it takes some getting used to. I have a post all about it that you can read by clicking here:

Relaxed Funschooling – Funschooling Books!

Let me just tell you that when we started these books I was super nervous that they weren’t learning enough. I slowly started to realize that it’s not that they weren’t learning, they were just learning differently. It was my public school mindset that was hindering my ability to allow them to learn in such a fun, relaxed, creative, child-led way! After noticing that it was me putting stress on our learning journey, and making changes to help better that situation, our homeschooling journey did a 180 and we are doing great now! I have more time, they have more time, we aren’t fighting all day long. Don’t get me wrong, my oldest just doesn’t like anything that resembles schoolwork. If you ask her, she is just fine playing Minecraft all day. Haha. We are for sure a normal family!

Have you looked into Funschooling yet?!

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